Jaq Jaq Bird

Welcome to the world of Jaq Jaq Bird: art supplies for kids and kids-at-heart that are fun, easy to use and whimsical. Created by a mom in crisis, as all good products are, Jaq Jaq Bird combines everything that kids love: imagination, bright colours and usability in one easy travel package.

When Grace Paik and her husband bought a fixer-upper and were ripped off by their contractor. With a third baby on the way and nothing usable in their house, were eating most meals out with their kids. They needed something to keep them busy, and Grace, using her capabilities as an artist and a problem solver created the first travel mat – half artist’s board and half placemat, these original travel mats were all made by hand by Grace after her third child was born.

Since 2009, there have been many iterations of the chalk mat, and now, Jaq Jaq Bird has a full range of products using ecological methods on products that are fun, safe and easy to use.

If you’re wondering what a Jaq Jaq Bird is, Grace’s son Micah combined Korean and English when he called out to birds with “jaq jaq” being the Korean equivalent to “chirp chirp.”